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About Vaccination
A 'Vaccine' is defined as a preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as bacteirum or virus or of a portion of the pathogen's structure that upon administration stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen.
Immunization protects individuals and communities by preventing the spread of disease. As more people are immunized the disease risk for everyone is reduced. Immunization is the single most cost-effective health investment, making it a cornerstone in the effort to promote health.
Yellow fever
Vaccines aren’t just for children. Many adults become ill, are disabled, or die each year from diseases that are easily preventable through immunization. From young adults to senior citizens everyone benefits from proper immunization.
"Vaccines are given to PREVENT the disease and not cure them”.
The World Health Organization (WHO) specifies numerous vaccinations for adults and some are compulsory vaccinations especially while travelling abroad. Apart from the WHO recommendations or immigration norms it is very important for people to be vaccinated against common diseases, especially those which are not curable.
Medseva Adult Vaccination Clinic provides vaccines for adults at cost price. Some of the vaccinations done are:
Adult vaccines: Chicken Pox vaccine, Cervical cancer vaccine, Typhoid vaccine, Hepatitis A and B vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine, Flu vaccine, Yellow fever vaccine, etc.
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There is a general misconception that vaccination is only for children. It is perceived that childhood vaccines protect adults from infections, and even if infections occur, antibiotics can cure them. But certain viral infections like hepatitis and chicken pox when contracted by adults can have severe consequences and may even be fatal.
Vaccine requirements vary with age, health, lifestyle and occupational factors. MEDSEVA is the immunization specialist that caters to the immunization needs of teens and adults. It is a clinic dedicated to preventive health and offers comprehensive immunization services including pre and post exposure prophylaxis.
MEDSEVA aims to improve awareness about adolescent and adult vaccines. The immune system requires a periodic boost that only a vaccine can give and Boosters will show the way.
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Medseva Adult vaccination clinic is now giving services for both International travelers, domestic adults and also titer testing for immunity verification.
Whether going off to college, traveling abroad, or fulfilling employment or school requirements. Medseva Adult vaccination Clinic can provide you with everything you may need.
For info on Adult vaccination, visit:
» http://www.who.int/en/  
» www.cdc.gov/vaccines  
Health News
» MEDSEVA become A.P’s first adult vaccination clinic in private sector by Vaccination Specialist.
» MEDSEVA gives health education Talks for Educational Institutes, Corporate companies.
» MEDSEVA becomes A.P’s first Travel Vaccination Clinic by a vaccination specialist.
» MEDSEVA provides integrated Home care Health Services in Hyderabad.
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