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Travel Vaccination Clinic
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We hope you find everything you need. The Medseva Travel Vaccination Clinic is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
The Medseva Travel Vaccination Clinic is anextended hour/weekend Vaccination, Confidential HIV, and Drug Testing Center designed to accent services of the medical, travel. Immunization services for both international travel and domestic needs are provided for adolescents and adults, including titer testing for immunity verification.
International Travel
The Medseva Travel Vaccination Clinic is a unit of Medseva Complete Medical care services Pvt.Ltd company. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, Please feel free to: Contact Us
International Travel
International Travel
Asia is astonishing; Africa is amazing; South America is intriguing; and the Carribean is paradise. Foreign disease are NOT! The Medseva Travel Vaccination Clinic is an Official privateYellow Fever Vaccination Center and can help assist you with planning and simple precautions that will help make your journey an enjoyable and healthy experience. We offer detailed country reports for your planned destination, as well as offer additional pre-Travel Necessities such as insect protection for your skin and clothing, hygiene supplies, medical kits and information on travel insurance. Remember, you want to bring back precious memories and photos, NOT diseases! IMUnize here - be safe there.
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Immunizations Available
» Yellow Fever » Japanese Encephalitis
» Typhoid [oral and injectable] » Rabies
» Meningitis » Hepatitis A & B
» Td/Tdap » Influenza [injectable/nasal]
» IPV [polio] » Pneumonia
» MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) » Varicella
Contact Us to let one of our professional staff members assist you pricing, additional questions or concerns you may have with your travel needs. Appointments are required for all international travel immunizations. Payment is due at the time of service in the form of cash, check, credit or debit card. Invoices can be given for insurance reimbursement purposes.
The Medseva Travel Vaccination Clinic is available to provide on-site vaccination clinics for groups preparing for mission travel and for disaster relief efforts.
Travel Wise - Get IMUnized!
Medseva Travel Clinic makes sure travellers are aware and best prepared for preventing as well as managing illnesses and accidents while they are away from home.
» Relevant vaccinations and Information of prevalent health risks at the destination
» Personal health of traveler including past vaccination and medical history
» Measures of preventing dangerous insect bites and common illnesses
The available medical services at the destinationNobody is immune to traveller’s risks even in “safe” and developed destinations. And lesser developed tropical regions present serious health hazards that need to be precautioned for.
Medseva understands the individual and corporate traveller’s itineraries, provides links at an international level and provides helpful advice on travellers’ medical kit. Its better to avoid the monetary and mental distress by taking some preventive vaccines at Medseva. Have a happy and healthy holiday!
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For info on Adult vaccination, visit:
» http://www.who.int/en/  
» www.cdc.gov/vaccines  
Health News
» MEDSEVA become A.P’s first adult vaccination clinic in private sector by Vaccination Specialist.
» MEDSEVA gives health education Talks for Educational Institutes, Corporate companies.
» MEDSEVA becomes A.P’s first Travel Vaccination Clinic by a vaccination specialist.
» MEDSEVA provides integrated Home care Health Services in Hyderabad.
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