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Plastic Surgery
For your plastic surgery, we recommend a group of surgeons with vast international training and experience, who work with the highest standars and have great facilities available to them.
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arrow Forehead Lift arrow Breast Lift arrow Buttock Lipo Injection
arrow Gynecomasty arrow Breast Augmentation + Lift arrow Buttock Lift
arrow Rhinoplasty arrow Breast Reduction & Lift arrow Reconstructive Surgery
arrow Breast Augmentation arrow Liposuction arrow Scar Remodeling
arrow Breast Reduction arrow Tummy Tuck    
Health News
» MEDSEVA become A.P’s first adult vaccination clinic in private sector by Vaccination Specialist.
» MEDSEVA gives health education Talks for Educational Institutes, Corporate companies.
» MEDSEVA becomes A.P’s first Travel Vaccination Clinic by a vaccination specialist.
» MEDSEVA provides integrated Home care Health Services in Hyderabad.
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