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Health Education
The Health of School Age Children
Health screening benefits the overall health of the child. It is through checkups and tests that physicians can identify potential health problems. Many childhood health problems can be corrected before they become a health problem that the child carries into adulthood. Through health screening, healthy eating and regular physical activity you can help your child learn healthy living habits which can last a lifetime.
During the time that a child is at school they make the transition from early childhood to early adulthood. Children go from being very reliant on adult care and supervision through to almost full independence as they reach adolescence. As a child grows their health status and needs change.
In the early years children are more prone to infectious illnesses and growth problems. When they get older, issues of well-being, mental health and risk taking behaviour increasingly influence health status.
For children to be healthy they need to learn how to stay healthy and prevent sickness. The school is a good place to learn this. Children also learn a lot about health, well-being and about growing up from their family and elders. It is important that teachers, health staff and community members work together to teach children both the traditional and western ways of looking after health and well-being.
Going to school every day is very important to improve the level of general education, which in turn, is known to improve child health. Hungry and anaemic children will find it harder to learn, as will those with poor hearing and health problems. Addressing health problems at school can improve overall health, classroom behaviour, and school attendance.
School-age children rarely attend the health centre or get sick enough to go to hospital, but may still have health problems or risk factors for adult health problems. The school-aged health check (screening) may be the only time they are seen by health staff.
Adult health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease often start in childhood but can be prevented. For example, the very high rates of kidney disease in Aboriginal adults happens more often in people who had lots of skin sores when they were young, were low birth weight babies and/or were undernourished. Habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating lots of fatty take-away food and soft drink can lead to diabetes or other health or well-being problems later in life.
Health education services:
Due to lack of proper basic health education during the education carreer time, most of the young adults get into trouble with out proper idea on health issues. Medseva aims to induct health education programs for students to get awareness on health related issues.
We offer services accordingly:
Health News
» MEDSEVA become A.P’s first adult vaccination clinic in private sector by Vaccination Specialist.
» MEDSEVA gives health education Talks for Educational Institutes, Corporate companies.
» MEDSEVA becomes A.P’s first Travel Vaccination Clinic by a vaccination specialist.
» MEDSEVA provides integrated Home care Health Services in Hyderabad.
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