Patient Rights
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Documents Required
» Filled up Registration form (available at FRRO in triplicate)
» Original Passport on which VISA is endorsed.
» Photocopy of Photo page, VISA page, arrival endorsement of the Travel Document.
» Four Passport size photographs of applicant.
» Details of residence in India.
» Copy of Marriage certificate in case of those seeking extension of stay on grounds of being spouse of an Indian National.
Documents Required
» Bonafide Certificate from University College/Institution in case of Student Visa.
» Accreditation certificate from Press information Bureau in case of journalist Visa.
» Copy of Approval from G.O.I. In case of joint venture or collaboration.
» Approval of the department of Company affairs in case of Board level appointments in Public Limited Companies.
» Copy of Permission from RBI in case of contract or agreement in case of Business/joint venture etc.
» Terms and conditions of appointment and copy of contract or agreement in case of Employment VISA.
» Undertaking from concerned Indian Company on the following lines in case of Employment/Business Visa.
We take full responsibility for the activities and conduct of Mr./Mrs./Ms. __________________________________ National of ________________________ during his/her stay in India. If anything adverse comes to notice during this period, we undertake to repatriate his/her at our cost.
Signature of competent authority
Health News
» MEDSEVA become A.P’s first adult vaccination clinic in private sector by Vaccination Specialist.
» MEDSEVA gives health education Talks for Educational Institutes, Corporate companies.
» MEDSEVA becomes A.P’s first Travel Vaccination Clinic by a vaccination specialist.
» MEDSEVA provides integrated Home care Health Services in Hyderabad.
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