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What are Adult Vaccines?
Why can they not be included in the routine immunization schedule for infants?
Which vaccines are mandatory for all adults?
Which of the vaccines are life saving? Why should we go for other vaccines that are not life threatening?
Are the vaccines just single shots for lifetime, or do we need follow-up shots?
Can vaccines help to prevent infections from occurring in a susceptible person (unvaccinated) after he/she has been exposed to an infected person?
Are the vaccines guaranteed to protect one against the particular disease?
Is there any precaution to be taken for the vaccinations?
Will these shots bring on a fever?
Is there any other way of guarding against infection?
How expensive are the vaccines?
Will I contract infections from a visit to a clinic or hospital?
Are all these diseases relevant to India and its tropical climate?
What are the most common infectious diseases in India?
If I don’t go abroad do I still need the shots?
For info on Adult vaccination, visit:
» http://www.who.int/en/  
» www.cdc.gov/vaccines  
Health News
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